Jennifer Davis
Acrylic and graphite on board
12" x 16"

Work has been coming in for our upcoming show, "winsome playground", which opens a week from today. I am really excited about this show! These are three of my favorite artists. Their styles are so very different, but they all are so delicately detailed and so full of imagination. Like story tales come to life.

Jennifer will be at the opening reception. I'm very excited to meet her! I first saw her work in person last summer when Beau and I were traveling across the country and we stopped in to see martha in Minneapolis. Jenn had a show at the SOO visual art center at the time. I'm really excited we got her for a 3 person show, as she sent so many amazing pieces! Check them out on the website.... and if you're in town next weekend stop by and say hi to us and Jennifer! They are even more amazing in person. You really need to see the detailed artistry up close!