Ninjagrl started painting her character in the streets of Chicago back in 2005. Her cat, Turtle, proved to be loyal companion and unending source of inspiration. In 2007 she headed out to the Bay Area, seeking new adventures, and in 2008 she followed the cargo ships up to Seattle where she joined forces with her ninja-mate , running an art gallery in Belltown. There she also spent time as a volunteer at the Seattle Aquarium, which opened her eyes to the wonders of the ocean world.

Since then, Rebekah, Beau, and their son, Luke, have lived a semi-nomadic lifestyle, living in Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, North Dakota, Wisconsin and England. They formed the mural collaboration team STRAY in 2021 and are always on the lookout for more walls! They are currently making art, building Lego towers, spinning records and dreaming of castles in Wales from their home in Madison, WI.

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