On December 3, 2020 Hatch Art House (Madison, WI) celebrated the tenth anniversary of opening their doors to the public. For the last decade they've been sharing art with the community, showcasing and promoting local artists from Madison and around Wisconsin. This year they have invited all their artists to celebrate the last decade with a show entitled "Ten" that runs from January 10 thru March 10. The show will evolve as artists continue to bring in new pieces throughout this three month period.

I decided my pieces for the "Ten" show would be vignettes of my last decade, as I ponder what has happened in my life - the BEST, by the way, decade of my life! I wouldn't change it for the world! I started it by growing a little ninjababe with my ninja boy. Turtle was still with us. And we've lived in ... 9 different homes in 2 countries, 3 states and 6 cities in the last decade. I'm pretty sure musing over this time period will give me no shortage of ideas to paint!