Hatch Art House has been showcasing WI artists for 10 years now, and I just realized the other day that I've had my work there for 6 of those years! (even during that brief stint overseas ;) Tammy's always carried such a cool variety of art and hand-crafted items... there is no better place to go for unique gifts, er, um, for other people. Yeah. That's what I meant... In a typical year, they select one artist each month to be featured, meaning they clear out the big, blue, front corner walls to display and highlight their work. And there is an opening night party, which Luke loves because there are usually cookies.

Tammy first invited me to be the Featured Artist for April 2015. I was in a totally different point of life then - Luke was only 4, not in school, and we all hung out, painting, working, and playing in the basement of our Glendale apartment :) Coming off more of a gallery background in Seattle, I was still painting large canvases, and this gave me a great way to go even bigger!

This past winter Tammy contacted me and asked if I wanted to be the Spring Gallery Night/ May featured artist. I happily said yes! I was looking forward to the opportunity to develop a new, cohesive body of work just for this... And it would be good timing, before our UK trip to paint in Bristol's UpFest :) However, not even a month later, the pandemic hit, and Hatch needed to close. Since then they have done an amazing job reimagining the workings of the shop - going to online options, curbside pickup, shipping - and the community has continued to support their local shops by heading in safely and responsibly! It's been a difficult year for small businesses, but hopefully we can help end the year off well!

So the May event was cancelled and featured artists were put on hold... Eventually we decided to go ahead with it for October, sans the opening night.

I decided to do everything on wood this year, a lot of the pieces being larger version of the ornaments and magnets I've been making the past few years. A few dragons made it into the mix (thanks, Luke, Clara and Anna) and some unicorns, and even my first triceratops! (thanks, Ezra) Gators (thanks, Gary the Gator) and llamas are new to the cute family of animals, and Mr. Narwhal is back in top form. These pieces aren't angsty. There's no room for that this year :) Just straight up cute. Fun. (Although there MAY be a wolf in sheep's clothing.) Priced great for gifting, hopefully they will bring a smile to your face and brighten up someone's day. Or wall. :)

Here are the pieces currently showing at Hatch Art House in Madison, WI through October. Contact for availability and purchase options.

Hatch Art House 1248 Williamson St, Madison, WI 53703 (608) 237-2775 hatcharthouse@gmail.com