"While it might seem somewhat pretentious for an English-speaking person without a large French vocabulary to write a book in French, the words in the book are very simple and its creation stemmed from a personal need."

That's the first blurb in the FAQ section of my book page. Back when Beau, Luke and I were starting to learn French we'd often try to say a complete (usually nonsensical or irrelevant) sentence, just to sound like we were actually speaking the language. "Je suis une pomme-de-terre" was a favorite, as was "Je mange une baguette et du burre." Luke and I made some flashcards with pictures of fruits, vegetables, animals, and vehicles to help him study. And then we got the idea I should put them into book form. That is how this book came to be!

It's a very simple format. Each page had a piece of produce and it introduces itself to you! In French. Bien sûr. ;)

The book will be released on Wednesday, March 1. It will be available on my website, as well as on Amazon US, UK and EU.

Next week I will also be listing the original artwork from the book for sale on my site, and each purchase of an original will include a copy of the book!

AND... I will be doing the first drawings for free copies next Tues, February 28, so if you haven't yet signed up on the mailing list for the book please do so by then!