I recently finished a music ninja commission for someone. :) It was on the sheet music of his wife's favorite song! It was quite fun to do, as he was very trusting of my process and results. When i asked if he wanted anything specific on it he said, and I quote, "nope. just make art. :) " No words ring sweeter in an artist's ear.

That isn't to say I don't appreciate when people DO have specific requests. I often ask for pictures of people or pets to be able to add personal details - to make the art more meaningful to them.

I've amassed quite a collection of vintage music over the years, so we could pick something appropriate from there, or you are always welcome to find something online and have it shipped directly to me.

Whatever you have in mind - we can make something happen! If you have an idea for yourself or for someone else, a custom music ninja or painting could be a fun way to go! Check out this page for more info, and drop me a line if you have any questions!