Sometimes things don't turn out exactly as you thought they might. We're headed back to the states a bit sooner than we had planned. However - we don't regret this experience in the slightest. We've met so many wonderful people here and have made some very good friends. We've seen amazing places, and had super-fun family adventures! We've been allowed a glimpse into a different way of life, were warmly welcomed into this little village, and will all be changed the better for it. Although it was shorter than we had hoped, we are glad to have had this chapter in our Simensen Family Book.

So we're packing up belongings, had a big sale, are bringing boxes of very-gently-used items to the charity shop, and will be back on a plane to the States very soon.

My ninjgrl shop will be down for a few weeks, whilst we relocate and get settled back in Madison. I'll let you know when things will be up and running again! So long and thanks for all the biscuits! :)