Seeing as they aren't found in North America, I wasn't very familiar with these little creatures. But i've seen their likeness on all kinds of products over here, one being my pink hedgehog scarf! We also saw them on posters and leaflets from The Wildlife Trusts and learned that they are in danger because of habitat loss (as are so many animals worldwide.)

I recently bought some pieces of wood to paint on and as I sat down to draw something... all I could think about was hedgehogs! I sure do hope we happen to see one whilst here. Maybe we'll have to build a hedgehog home in our garden!

I've so far painted two of them - one encountering a little fishie in a nearby puddle, the other having a chat with a new friend. Both are on wood, have a high gloss finish, and are ready to hang.

Also - I've decided to donate 20% of the hedgehog sales to The British Hedgehog Preservation Society. Which is timely, as the first week of May is designated Hedgehog Awareness Week!

(Did you know that before they were called hedgehogs they were called urchins? Which is how the spiny sea urchin got its name!)