What? On EVERYthing?? "EVERYthing."

Tired of trying to figure out appropriate postage pricing for different sized pieces being sent all over the globe from two different continents, we've finally decided to get rid of shipping altogether! No longer will Webmaster Beau have to worry about hearing the dreaded, "But.. can't you just push a button and the rainbow poo'ing unicorn will add/change/create/revise more shipping profiles for what-ever-scenario I've just discovered?"

Since moving to the UK i've tried a few different carriers for shipping parcels, but I am still getting used to the options . Not having to worry about whether a shipping price is going to be too much or too little for a customer to pay will free up a bunch of brain space! And hopefully this will make things easier for buyers, as well. Beau said, "How much easier is it to buy Prime items online when you don't have to worry about shipping?" It's true! It's almost TOO easy!

So click away! Buy some art! And somehow, some way, ASAP, we'll get it to you - at no extra charge! Cheers!