Yesterday, on a 2 hour drive with Luke, I was able to listen to the It's the booze talking: Podcasters on Podcasting episode on Voices of the ElePHPant. Cal Evans had told me that they mentioned ninjagrl and the #ossart project, but I didn't realize they were going to go into it more than just a passing mention! I was touched an honored by the wonderful things Cal said about my work!

It did, however, ALMOST get Beau into a heap of trouble.

Cal asked Beau how the #ossart project got started... Was it my idea? Was it Beau's idea? Did he push me to do it? Well, Beau starts out his story with something along the lines of, "It's funny, because when I first pitched the idea to her (me)..." and my brain immediately said, "Whaaaaaaaaaaaat did he just say??!!" Waaaait a minute... he's not REALLY going to take credit for the idea is he?? I mean, we have been collab'ing a lot as the series progresses, but does he really not remember how this went down?? Or is he just gonna blatantly say it was his idea?? Mostly it was surprise that he seemed to be starting off the origin story WAY differently that I remembered it!

Now, the funny thing is, we've grown accustomed to him sharing family anecdotes on That Podcast and he's really very good about knowing what I am ok with him divulging. He always asks me, after a family-heavy episode, "Was what I said ok?" :) And it always is. So this little turn of events was pretty startling!

This confusion only lasted a few seconds, though, as it became clear what he was actually talking about... (we have a running joke that he often gets himself into trouble with his family when his words don't come out right and I have to translate)... He had actually backed up and was referring to the begins of That Podcast! And THEN... he went into how #ossart came about...

It's a great podcast. Cal talks to podcasters Sammy K Powers, Matt Stauffer, Chris Hartjes, Ben Edmunds, Kayla Daniels, and Beau Simensen. You should definitely check it out if you want to find out how #ossart started or hear how and why all these great PHP community members got into podcasting. Thanks again, Cal, for the ninjagrl shout-out!