I'm excited to finally be able to share my new website. I've been working with dflydev over the last few weeks to start over from scratch and it is finally done!

I was super proud of my old site but things have changed a lot over the last ten years. What with everyone on iPhones and all, my old one wasn't super easy to use. Plus, it was also hard to keep it updated. This new site should be a lot easier for me to keep everything up to date!

Coinciding with the launch of my new website is the release of the latest #ossart piece, Lumen. This #ossart project has been a lot of fun and I am excited to see so many other people getting excited about it, too!

The original "Lumen" has already been sold but the originals for both Stack and FIG are still available for purchase in the shop. And don't forget that you can still get prints for all of the #ossart pieces!

Which #ossart piece do you think will be next? :)