"Violet hides her pretty head"
marker on reclaimed music book page (6.25" x 8")

The Violet.
p. 150

The Modern Music Series, Second Book
by Eleanor Smith
copyright 1898, 1901

what a beautiful saturday! the sun is out.. the weather finally feels like spring. A great day to be sitting at the gallery... it is. really. the door is open. lots of people are walking by. i hear birds chirping. a few people are coming in....
and then there are the gawkers. the people that will not come in.
they stand outside and peer thru the windows. Sometimes they will stand there for a few minutes, nose pressed up to the glass, hands up to shield the light from outside so they can see in better, all a few feet away from the wide open door. with the sign on it that says open. in clear few of me. back here at the desk. and lovey music playing. isn't this welcoming? i don't stare... most of the time i'm clicking away on lappy. i don't think it's too intimidating.
we don't get it.
i mean -- i guess there is always a little pressure, if you walk into a place and you feel you have to give the art a long enough look... or pretend you're thinking deep thoughts about each piece and critiquing each based upon the cobwebbed memories of that distant art history class you had in college, thereby committing yourself to a substantial amount of time on each piece and therefore an unacceptable chunk of your day will be lost.... but it is really, er, amusing at times :)