i originally painted this last fall, after an encounter with a pigeon here in town.*
But the original painting had these horrible awful white swishy things on it! shudder i won't direct you to any images of it, they probably exist somewhere. (if you bump into one, my apologies.)
it's rare that i actually paint over an entire canvas. I can think of a few times that i've done that. It was too horrible to look at, so i reused the canvas. I considered that fate for this one, but decided that it really wasn't the pigeon's fault :) So i just got rid of the swoopies. shrug it is was it is. it's back up on etsy now, too.

  • sept 6, 2008 - "i saw a pigeon fly into the path of a scootery thing on the road the other night. in a flurry of feathers he rolled to the curb... something happened to his left wing. it looked like he couldn't fly... he hobbled under another car that was pulling away from the curb, but he made it out ok. poor bird without his protection of flight... he found a corner to hide in... he looked so scared... we looked up bird rescue places, but it was far away and we don't have a car... i gave him some bits of a larabar... then we had to leave... i heard he was still there a few hours later, but he was gone the next morning... i hope he is ok... maybe his wing just needed a rest.... or he'll have to learn to navigate the streets on foot, poor little rock dove...."