i'm finally getting started on my pieces for the March "technical Difficulties" show... it's gonna be fun. A bunch of the artists are going to be coming up from california to do some live painting and collabs at the opening! i hope we get a good turn out.
anyway - it's robot-themed. I have a few ideas, but it's been so hard to find the time to get started on some large pieces.... and now that ive started I'm having fun and getting into it, but i'm also getting that old fear that i'm gonna wreck it. Blech. I don't want things to become so precious that i hold on too tightly. it's stifling. and who cares if i "wreck" it... i need to explore more and be open to new ideas and new methods and change and blar blar blar..... but still. i want it to turn out as good or better than it is in my head :)