yikes what a fun/busy day! i made shelves! see the three skinny white ones back in the corner? :) yep! just wide and tall enough to fit stacks of prints, with a little lip on the front to keep them standing up in there by themselves. Quite the improvement over our last system of taped-down metal bookends :)

and we painted almost all of the walls. (dang they are high) the white we had was slightly off, the white left behind didn't match, and there seemed to be 3 different white colors/patches already on the walls! we got by last month because the art was so big it covered so much of the walls, and you needed to step back to see the it. This month the pieces are small and you'll have to be right up on them. So we picked the worst wall first and then kept going as time and paint supply would allow :)
i think it looks a lot better! but we still have to hang everything tomorrow! good times. can't wait to have pics of the opening to post! good night :)