a couple nights ago we had another "aquaversity" at the aquarium... continuing education seminars for volunteers. This one was "pipes and pumps" and we got to learn all about the inner workings and behind-the-scenes of what it takes to exhibit the animals.
pictured here are day-old seahorses! an unexpected treat for the evening!
every time i go there i am amazed at how much fun i have.
and every time it's almost time for me to go there (or pert-near anywhere, for that matter) i forget how much i enjoy these times and lazy lethargy sets in and i don't want to go anywhere. (does that make sense?)
it plays itself out sorta like this:
"awwwww maaaan... i don't wanna go today....."
(time lapse. about 5 hours)
"wow! that was so fun! i love going there!"

and pretty much any activity can be inserted into this little equation.
it's like bart. with the eels. in the witness relocation episode... when side show bob is after them... and he runs to the one end of the boat and there are electric eels. so he runs to the other end of the boat - and in the water below are crocodiles. so he runs back to the first end of the boat, and, upon seeing the electric eels still swimming below says, remembering, 'oh, yeaaaah..."

it's like that.
all the time.