so ninja started with an orange dress, and she still likes that one, but she started wearing light blue sometime last year... (maybe it was climate related?) but my new fave is this muddy blueish green... i was going to mention that i only use payne's gray for blues and greens in my paintings cuz it lends itself towards the muted and muddy, and for some reason i decided to google it and happened upon a discussion page about how people had been warned not to use it. or black. weird. i never thought of anything being off limits. but i sometimes wonder what kind of palettes other artists use... maybe mine is too predictable. (poor, predictable, ninj. always picks grey.) i tend to get by with the payne's grey, naples yellow, burnt irony reddish something or other (i have one more red and one more orangey) and black and white. seems to work for me. but i still wonder what everyone else does. owel. i don't know why i thought i'd start another blog... the old one is long defunct. we'll see. i might just need an outlet for my garbanzo bean musings.