"out my window"

acrylic on printed paper
8" x 10"

This week's "Ten" piece is entitled "from my window" and is a near likeness to the view from our apartment in Belltown, Seattle from 2009-2011. Except Turtle lived in our apartment. And I don't think she ever did any parachuting? (She was jealous of the giant seagulls that landed on our balcony, though.) We could see the Space Needle from our bedroom, and from our office/studio and, later Luke's bedroom, we could see Puget Sound. One could never tire of watching ferry boats and cargo ships gliding along on the glowing orange water, as the sun set below the Olympic Mountains... title: “from my window” (Seattle) size: 8” x 10” (11” x 14” framed) medium: acrylic on paper price: $100 This is another of my submissions for the ongoing "Ten" show at Hatch Art House. If you are interested in purchasing, contact info below. Shipping available! Hatch Art House 1248 Williamson St. WI 53703 (608) 237-2775 hatcharthouse@gmail.com

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