"octopus lunch"

acrylic on printed paper
4" x 6"

When we lived in Seattle I was a volunteer interpreter at Seattle Aquarium in the Life on the Edge exhibit, interacting with the visitors at the tide pools and feeding animals. Clearly, one of the favorite things was feeding the giant pacific octopus! I loved climbing into the back of the exhibit and up the little ladder to sit on the rocks up above, with a long pole with some fish bits.... You'd wait for the octopus to "smell" the swirling fish bit and grab it off the pole with its suckers, curling an arm or two around the pole and moving the food to its beaky mouth on the underside of its body. Sometimes they'd not let go of the pole and we'd have to leave it in there for them to play with, until they bored of it, so we wouldn't hurt their arms.

This is another of my submissions for the "Ten" show at Hatch Art House. If you are interested in purchasing, contact info below. Shipping available!

title: “octopus lunch” (Seattle Aquarium) size: 4” x 6” (5.25” x 7.25” framed) medium: acrylic on paper, thrifted frame price: $50

Hatch Art House 1248 Williamson St. WI 53703 (608) 237-2775 hatcharthouse@gmail.com

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