"lion dance"

acrylic on printed paper
3.5" x 5.5"

Before Luke was born, Beau and I studied Hung Gar Kung Fu under Master David Leong at Belltown Martial Arts. One of the best parts was participating in various festivals and parades in and around Seattle. Often we carried flags or the drum, but we did get to do a few lion dances, too! We were never the head of the lion, but we did get to be the hind-end and it was hard! I remember going thru the chinatown shops for New Year, blessing the space with our dance, bent over at the waist, looking down and trying to make sure I didn't knock anything off the shelves and we wound our way thru the shops! That was a long few hours!! Our class did a special dance when we opened our art gallery, and they also came to the gallery for our wedding reception! (My little niece and nephews were a little nervous (read frozen stiff) about feeding the lettuce to the lions!) This piece is included in my submissions for the "Ten" show at Hatch Art House, where I am chronicling memories from the past decade of my life. If you are interested in purchasing, contact info below. Shipping available! title: “lion dance” (Seattle ) size: 3.5” x 5.5” (6” x 8” framed) medium: acrylic on paper, thrifted frame price: $50 Hatch Art House 1248 Williamson St. WI 53703 (608) 237-2775 hatcharthouse@gmail.com

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